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Portland, Oregon

  • Am I able to pick up rentals for my event?
    The rental mirrors are very fragile and heavy so they are available for delivery only. I also want to be on-site in case any writing needs a touch up and so I can ensure the signs are sturdy and set up properly.
  • Do you use any stickers or vinyl?
    My custom wedding and event signs are all done by hand! I don't use any stencils, stickers or vinyl - everything is completely handwritten with a paint pen by me!
  • Are easels included with the rentals?
    Yes! If you're renting a sign, it will come with an easel for it to be displayed on.
  • Can I choose what goes on the signs?
    Yes! My rental mirrors are fully customizable. You choose exactly what you want it to say and we will discuss style preferences. Some people are very specific about how they want things written and some just want me to use my creativity and write things how I think will look best. I'm happy with either!
  • Can I provide my own mirrors for you to write on?
    Absolutely! I can use your own pieces for the signs. When you book, we will coordinate a time when I can get your mirrors and give them back to you with your finished signs!
  • Can I order signs if my event isn't in or near Portland?
    That depends. If you're farther than Portland, Oregon, the delivery fee may be a little higher to cover costs of travel, but it will all depend on location. Send me a message and we can work out the details!


Have more questions? Send an email to or fill out the Contact form and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

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